Pennsylvania Inmates Might Be Psyched About A Bed Bug Infestation

bedbugs on skin

Photo: Medill DC/Flickr

It looks like bedbugs have found a new home — Pennsylvania prisons.But the inmates aren’t complaining.

About 90 work-release inmates at York County Prison are being sent home for three days because bedbugs have taken over the facility’s trailer-type housing, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

The inmates, who are set to be furloughed later this week, are minimum-security prisoners who are often allowed out for work or other personal reasons.

This isn’t the first time bedbugs have overrun a prison.

Back in 2011, the holding-cell area in Staten Island’s 120th Precinct was shut down because of a bedbug infestation, the Staten Island Advance reported at the time.

Inmates were sent to other facilities in the area, prompting fears they carried the pests with them.

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