They’ve Finally Invented A Bedbug Trap…

bed bug

The bedbug plague continues to gain momentum, with New York having been overrun and other cities gradually succumbing.

But, at last, there’s hope.

It’s not a new insecticide. The new breed of bedbug is now resistant to that.

It’s a trap.

It turns out that bedbugs are nuts about the smell of their own crap. They defecate all over their hiding places, and the smell helps them find their way home after nights of blood-sucking.

And now, reports the Economist, scientists at the London School of Hygiene have isolated the exact chemical in the crap-smell that the bedbugs are crazy about.

And the scientists have built this chemical into a simple sticky trap–a sort of specialised flypaper.

And it works!

The traps aren’t commercially available yet, but they should be soon.

So, finally, there’s hope.

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