The Beckham's Are Paying $159K A Month For This Malibu Summer Home


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England’s hottest couple is renting a summer home in Malibu at a running rate of $159,000 per month.The Beckham’s will spend three months ($477,000 in total) relaxing in this 10,000 square foot, ocean front home while Victoria is pregnant and David attends to his day job with the L.A. Galaxy.

And if after three months they don’t want to leave, they’re in luck. The estate is on the market for $27 million.

Gorgeous beachfront views

The house is practically all windows to let the sun in

Plenty of outdoor seating

And a built in pool

The kitchen is bright and open

And has a separate bar/table to eat at

The dining room with windows for walls

Ping pong table for the kids

Another dining area, great for sunsets

Here's the master bedroom

Take a bath with a view

Lounge area with fireplace

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