Bebo Update: Still Not Big in The U.S. (TWX)

It was hard to find any American who had heard of Bebo before AOL (TWX) ponied up $850 million to buy the social network last spring. So what’s changed since the deal went down two months ago? Nothing.

How do we know? We used Google’s new Insights for Search tool, which compares the relative popularity of a search term throughout the world.

Google uses a scale of 1 to 100 to rank a term’s popularity by region: Bebo is searched for most often in Ireland, which gives it a ranking of 100. In May, when the Bebo deal closed, the US generated a 0. Today it’s at the same level.

Granted, AOL didn’t buy Bebo because it wanted to make a huge splash in the U.S. — it’s supposed to be using the site to extend its reach internationally. But it’d be nice if it could at least make a ripple back home.

Here’s the data from Google:


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