Forget the teenagers, this gorgeous Tennessee grandmother is YouTube's next big star

If you’re looking for a change from the typical 20-something beauty vlogger, look no further than the YouTube channel of Melissa55.

Sounding like a mix between Dolly Parton and Bethany Mota, Melissa55 tells viewers how to “grow older gracefully and beautifully,” as the Daily Mail reports.

She’s 60 but looks much younger. She was highlighted on Jezebel this weekend after a friend brought the “mega-babe’s” channel to the attention of writer Tracy Moore. She’s got 8,185 subscribers and has been on YouTube since February 2011.

Read on for some of Melissa55’s best tips.

Melissa is from a small town in Tennessee and lives with her husband in a Victorian house from 1886.

Her videos are charmingly edited, often with jaunty background music.

Melissa is candid about her life. In this one, before listing 25 facts about herself, she goes into detail about a kidney infection that's been plaguing her.

She has two children and seven grandchildren.

She says she's never had Botox or fillers. Her dewy, youthful glow is credited instead with Retinol and Retin-A products.

Perhaps most surprising is her insistence that she doesn't use moisturizer -- a product that is normally touted as a must for youthful skin.

She's big into hot rollers.

Here, Melissa demonstrates not only how to get a hair bump overnight, but also how to camouflage it with a messy bun so your partner doesn't realise you're wearing a roller.

Sometimes, she'll highlight a single product for a review, as in this video about Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Oil-Free Foundation.

She shoots a 'Car Chat' with another YouTuber named Kristinn about once a month after they meet at the mall.

Melissa also divulges her diet. She eats three meals a day and never skips.

Her '60s hairdo tutorial is extra authentic since she's recreating exactly how she did it back in the day, with the added benefit of 21st century products.

Like most vloggers, she can't resist a good Naked-brand eyeshadow palette.

Most of all, Melissa is unerringly polite -- this video starts with an apology for being 17 minutes long. 'Grab a cup of tea and sit back,' she says.

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