New York Has A New 'Millionaire Lair' For The Hard-Partying Elite

The recently-opened restaurant/lounge/celebrity hangout place Beautique has been getting a lot of buzz lately.

A New York Post article by Dana Schuster dubbed the West 58th street spot “New York’s newest millionaire lair.”

The scene centres around a crowd of older men partying with their younger girlfriends, secret rooms for the uber-elite, and a doorman who lets you in if you look “A-list.”

Frank Roberts, the managing director, came from a stint managing the stylish Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

In addition to bragging about celebrity clientele like Leonardo DiCaprio and Dylan McDermott, Roberts described to Schuster the lavish decor of the underground spot as “Coco Chanel, 1900s Paris-meets-New York, feminine charm and opulent glamour.”

According to the New York Times, the interior was designed by Marc Dizon and Valerie Pasquiou Interiors, with the bar stools covered in Jean Paul Gaultier fabric, and the servers wearing Elie Tahari clothing.

BeautiqueFacebook/BeautiqueThe swanky interior of Beautique.

The scene may be hot, but the food, by former Le Cirque chef Craig Hopson, has also received high marks. Yelp r
eviews contain a litany of mouth-watering descriptions like “salty, smooth, and sinful” bone-marrow flan, and branzino with “perfectly crispy skin and delicately tender meat.”

They also verify the swanky vibe of Beauitque. “Super-sexy. Came here with friends and I think my coolness rating doubled just by walking in,” wrote one user.

And the bouncer, Eric Evans, confirmed to the Post that he only lets the posh-looking inside. “If anyone looks the part — good-looking, upscale, classy, A-list — they’re more than welcome,” he said.

Of course, not everyone is impressed with the scene. Another Yelp reviewer wrote: “Biggest problem was the douchiest crowd you could drum up in midtown on a Wednesday. And why do old guys look better in the Hamptons?”

But as one partygoer, Cristina Rosetti, told the Post, “The upper crust is invited here… obviously the crowd is going to be a little bit different than your average spot.”

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