21 photos that will make you wish you lived in the Northeast

Getty/DenisTangneyJr.There are plenty of impressive lighthouses to see in Rhode Island.
  • In the US, the Northeast contains a lot of states such as New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
  • Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New York City are some of the most bustling cities in the Northeast.
  • There are a lot of beaches, and harbours in the Northeast.
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The Northeast of the United States may receive flack for its sometimes chilly temperatures, rainy weather, and endless hustle and bustle but there’s a lot more to this region than you think. In addition to being home to some of the biggest and most historic cities and towns in the country, the Northeast also exudes plenty of natural beauty.

Take a look below and check out some of the sights that await you in the Northeast.

For many people, the first place that comes to mind when they think of the Northeast is New York City.

Yukinori Hasumi/Getty42nd street in New York City.

It’s hard to blame them when there are so many different neighbourhoods and landmarks to explore, including the famed Times Square.

There are a million things to do in New York — you can tell from the sheer size of it.

Getty/WINView from the Brooklyn skyline.

New York City is the most populated city in the United States.

But further north, there’s plenty of quiet to be found in upstate New York.

Getty/Michael MarquandThe Catskills in New York.

It’s hard to believe that the Catskills are just a few hours away from the city.

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Even the winding roads that lead from the city to upstate are beautiful.

GabrielPevide/GettyIt’s beautiful in the autumn.

At the end of the road, there are plenty of cabin getaways to enjoy.

Go far enough northwest and you’ll reach the US side of the Niagara Falls.

Jane SweeneyNiagara Falls.

The Niagara Falls are located on the border of New York and Ontario, Canada.

Not far from NYC, there are plenty of other great cities to explore like Boston, Massachusetts.

Getty/Steve MarselBoston, Massachusetts.

The largest city in New England, Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the oldest cities in the United States.

It played a notable role in many events in US history – it’s where the 1773 Boston Tea Party took place, when colonists destroyed an entire shipment of tea in the Boston Harbour in order to protest Britain’s “taxation without representation.”

It is also where the Battles of Lexington and Concord were fought, kicking off the American Revolutionary War in 1775.

Don’t forget to take a stroll along Boston’s historic harborwalk.

iStock`Boston’s waterfront.

The walk takes places along Boston’s impressive shoreline and gives a unique view of the city.

Boston gets especially cold during the winter, but it’s just as beautiful.

Getty/DenisTangneyJrQuincy Market in the winter.

Quincy Market is one of the most popular spots for shopping and dining in Boston.

Take a quick two-hour drive from Boston and you’ll find yourself in Cape Cod.

Getty/DenisTangneyJrProvincetown in Cape Cod.

Provincetown is located on the furthest tip of Cape Cod.

Or go north of Boston to explore some beautiful, small towns.

Getty/DenisTangneyJrMedford, Massachusetts.

Medford, located just a few miles away from Boston, is a charming town along the Mystic River.

Further south, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of the most historic cities in the US.

Getty/Alex PotemkinPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania.

It was the most-populated city in America during the American Revolution.

Providence, Rhode Island, is also worth a visit.

Getty/DenisTangneyJrProvidence, Rhode Island.

You can take a relaxing riverside stroll at Waterfront Park.

And Newport, Rhode Island, is home to some spectacular lighthouse views.

Getty/DenisTangneyJr.A view of Newport, Rhode Island.

Home to the Goat Island Lighthouse, Newport is often called the “City by the Sea.”

Maine’s many lighthouses also make for particularly magical sights.

Getty/DenisTangneyJrPortland, Maine.

The Portland Head Lighthouse looks otherworldly in the wintertime.

And Portland, Maine, is oftentimes called a wonderful place to visit in the summer.

Getty/Alan CopsonPortland, Maine.

Foodies especially love Portland for its innovative restaurants and fresh seafood.

Vermont may be the hidden gem of the Northeast.

Getty/Ron ThomasA view of Topsham, Vermont.

There are plenty of hidden villages to explore, like Topsham.

Killington, Vermont, looks particularly magical in the autumn.

Getty/DenisTagneyJr.Killington, Vermont.

The leaves turn spectacular shades of orange in the latter months of the year.

Even Connecticut, one of the smallest states, has plenty of big surprises.

Getty/Aimin TangMystic, Connecticut.

Although Connecticut is a small state, it offers plenty of stunning waterfront views. This town in Mystic, Connecticut, has houses right along the water.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has some impressive views.

iStockRehoboth Beach, Delaware.

This beach area is located along the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape May, New Jersey, has some stunning beaches.

iStockCape May, New Jersey,

New Jersey has some famed beaches and boardwalks.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a great place for a getaway.

iStockPortsmouth, New Hampshire.

The port city has a lot of harbours and historic houses.

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