10 Absolutely Gorgeous Fast Food Joints Around The World

dnuA Starbucks drive-thru in Tukwila, Washington is made from recycled shipping containers.

Photo: Youtube

Fast food restaurants have a somewhat unsavory reputation for being bland and predictable. The decor and architecture usually fail to impress and fall somewhere along the lines of boring and boxy.But some fast food giants are breaking the mould. Unusually-designed fast food restaurants have become a worldwide trend. 

A Starbucks in Tukwila, Washington, sports a drive-thru built entirely from recycled shipping containers while a McDonald’s nestled in the mountains of Yangshuo, China hosts one of the world’s most splendid natural backdrops.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most impressive places to enjoy your burgers and fries.

Source: FlavorWire

A McDonald's in Yangshuo, China sits in a mountain valley and overlooks a lake, guaranteeing diners an impeccable view of the natural landscape

Source: FlavorWire

Built in the early 70s, this Taco Bell in Pacifica, California overlooks the ocean and is a hotspot for the local surf crowd

Source: FlavorWire

This McDonald's has taken up residence in an old train station in Budapest, Hungary

Source: FlavorWire

A Pizza Hut in Cairo, Egypt looks out over the Giza Pyramids, allowing frugal travellers to see the view without paying the park entrance fee

This Starbucks give the Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar in Shanghai, China which dates back to 1559, a contemporary flair

Source: Virtual Tourist

The Arby's in Brooklyn, New York retains a truly historic character. The inside is decorated with working gas lights and brass chandeliers

Source: amNY

This Pizza Hut in Stratford-upon-Avon, England is one building in an entire neighbourhood of black and white facades

Source: Virtual Tourist

The west end of this KFC in Keflavík, Iceland is sheer glass, which gives diners a stunning view out over the ocean

Source: FlavorWire

Source: Trip Advisor

Looking for more places to enjoy a quick meal?

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