How Drones Are Changing The Way We See Things


The film and video industry will never look the same, thanks to drones. Commercial use of drones is now prohibited, but there are signs that regulatory changes may be coming soon. The FAA has just granted exemptions to six filmmaking companies to use drones equipped with cameras.

Drone videos are already changing the way we see things.

“I think that drones are the most amazing innovation that cinema has seen since probably the Steadicam,” director and photographer Randy Scott Slavin tells Business Insider.

While many people look at drones as a loud and expensive hobby, professional filmmakers like Slavin are using their drones to capture video from a unique perspective. After his aerial footage of New York City went viral, Slavin was inspired to launch the New York City Drone Film Festival, to celebrate the stunning works of countless other drone videographers.

“This is not a hobby anymore. This is a profession,” Parker Gyokeres of Propellerheads Aerial Photography tells us. “This is a professional skill set that has taken us years to develop.”

Produced by Will Wei. Additional camera by Alana Kakoyiannis and Justin Gmoser.

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