A Bunch Of People Were Given The Vacation Of A Lifetime In Dubai In Exchange For A Few Instagram Photos

Want to go on an amazing vacation for free? All you have to do is be really great at Instagram.

Last month, a bunch of influential Instagrammers like Liz Eswein (@NewYorkCity) and Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) were flown from all over the world to experience the biggest “Insta-meet” ever at a luxurious hotel — the Burj Al Arab — in Dubai.

The hotel and a company called Beautiful Destinations partnered together to select a handful of Instagram users who could enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai and capture images to share with their combined millions of followers. It’s a brilliant way to advertise.

The Instagrammers were flown to Dubai, were picked up at the airport in a Rolls Royce Phantom, received $US600 worth of Hermes amenities, and each were appointed their own personal butler for the entirety of their stay.

All they were expected to do was capture their experience on Instagram and tag any photos and content with @beautifuldestinations and @burjalarab.

Jeremy Jauncey and Oliver Heartmont (who runs the Beautiful Destinations Instagram account with 1.6 million followers) cofounded the Beautiful Destinations company. Jauncey told Business Insider that “the goal (of the Dubai trip) was to create a totally unique experience for the Instagram community, give back to the followers that have been supporting our accounts and position the brand as a pioneer in travel social media.”

Eswein told Business Insider the trip was “absolutely incredible.” Eswein, 24, who snagged the @NewYorkCity handle on Instagram in 2011, now serves as the executive director of Laundry Service: Cycle, a full-service social media agency.

This is the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. It boasts itself as the 'world's most luxurious hotel' with over 200 suites, four swimming pools, and a private beach.

This is Liz Eswein, but you may know her as @NewYorkCity on Instagram. She was selected by Beautiful Destinations to go on an all-expense-paid trip to the Burj Al Arab and post her photos to Instagram.

The influential Instagrammers were flown from all over the world to Dubai.

Everyone was picked up individually in a Phantom Rolls Royce from the airport after flying first class.

Then they were taken to the Burj Al Arab hotel. The outside is gorgeous ...

... but check out the interior.

Everyone stayed in their own amazing suite, complete with a personal butler and $US600 Hermes amenities.

There were exclusive cocktail parties.

And everyone who attended the trip left with a new friend (and lots of selfies.)

There are nine world class restaurants in the hotel and the group was given complimentary free access for their entire stay.

They could have stayed at the hotel the entire time ... there was plenty to do. Check out the rooftop tennis court at the Burj Al Arab, seemingly suspended in air.

For reference, that's the tennis court.

But they couldn't stay at the hotel all day. There was plenty to do. Beautiful Destinations organised private access to the world famous rooftop helipad for a scenic helicopter tour around Dubai.

The 'grammers felt on top of the world. They basically were.

The only rule of the trip was to take and tag photos with @beautifuldestinations and @burjalarab.

Then they ventured into the desert on a VIP desert safari with sand dune 4x4 racing.

This is where Liz says she took her favourite photo of the trip, a black-and-white shot of a camel.

Everyone had a ton of fun riding camels.

Do you remember this guy? He takes photos of his girlfriend all over the world. They were on the trip, and he snapped this photo.

Here's what that photo looks like from someone else's perspective.

They also took this one before the helicopter ride.

After a long day of sightseeing and hanging out on the beach ...

... the group was treated to facials and massages in the world's most luxurious spa, Talise.

Those who wanted to work out were treated to some spectacular views from the gym.

And a six-course fine dining experience at underwater restaurant Al Mahara capped off the trip.

The Burj Al Arab Instagram account grew 400% during the trip thanks to all of the publicity it was getting from those who enjoyed the experience. The account started with less than 9,000 followers and just days later hit 45,000 followers.

Instagrammer Murad Osmann went on this trip ...

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