A Fax, A Photo, And A Tweet Came Together In This Beautiful Demonstration Of Modern-Day Communication

“Art Cashin faxes my chart to Sara Eisen who takes a photo of it which she tweets which Myles Udland uses for Business Insider
,” tweeted Financial Insyghts’ Peter Atwater. “Just like that.”

It was a beautiful demonstration of generations of communications technology coming together to advance a piece of information to the world.

Atwater was referring to BI: Markets’ Chart Of The Day, which you can see to the right.

The chart first crossed Business Insider’s Markets desk when CNBC reporter Sara Eisen tweeted a photo of it.

We recognised that the image was of high enough quality that the message of the chart would come through. So, in an effort to shave some seconds, we published it as is. And after reporter Myles Udland wrote up some copy, the post was live.

And just moments ago, one of our Chart Of The Day subscribers emailed us a compliment.

We didn’t, even realise it was a fax until Atwater tweeted so.

The way information travels these days is just awesome.

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