You can get amazing deals on some of Beats' most popular headphones right now

If you’re not worried about buying a pair of headphones that might not work with the new iPhone, it’s possible to get a good deal on Beats headphones right now.

In fact, two of Beats’ most popular models are selling for a fraction of their list price on Amazon and Ebay — surprising discounts for Apple’s headphone brand.

For example, the Beats Solo2 wireless, which is Apple’s best-selling headphone, is selling for between $190 and $200 directly from Amazon right now. The Apple Store charges $300.

And the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless earbuds, list price $200, are selling for $140 on Amazon.

The prices are even lower in the secondary market on Ebay. A pair of new in-box Beats Solo2 Wireless sold for $135 earlier on Wednesday. Powerbeats 2 units are selling for an average of $101 on Ebay, according to, a price tracker.

Similar but less severe discounts can be found across the Beats lineup. Here’s a Amazon price chart for the Solo2s, courtesy of CamelCamelCamel:

This kind of persistent day-in and day-out discount is rare for Apple products, and Beats used to have higher resale value, but there are a couple of possible reasons this could be happening.

First, Apple is giving away Beats headphones with certain Macs and iPads for its back to school deal. Anyone with a student ID can get one of these two pairs of headphones for free from the Apple Store, and those new units are flooding Ebay, increasing supply and dropping prices.

So if you were hoping to flip the headphones from Apple’s educational deal for cash, cut your expectations in half.

Second, Beats hasn’t released a new set of headphones since 2014, and its lineup is looking a little bit long in the tooth. It’s possible that retailers are discounting the headphones to clear space in the expectation that new models are coming along this fall.

And there’s plenty of reason to think that Beats might have new models out soon. If Apple is planning to push headphones that plug in through the iPhone’s charging port, as has been strongly rumoured, you’d expect that Apple’s own headphone brand would come out with new models that work with its proprietary Lightning port.

Plus, Mark Gurman reported in January that Apple was developing a pair of next-generation cordless earbuds potentially for release this fall.

For consumers, there’s quite a bit of uncertainty about which headphones to buy to ensure compatibility with future iPhones. And until Apple reveals its plans, Beats headphones will be discounted.

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