iPad Will Kill All Rivals, Says Deutsche Bank

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Photo: Associated Press

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore put out an uber-bullish note on the iPad this morning, via All Things D.Whitmore thinks the iPad will reign supreme for quarters to come because iPad rivals will “fall flat from a user experience standpoint while struggling to materially undercut the iPad on price.”

We’re pretty optimistic about the iPad, but it’s nuts to think an Android tablet can’t produce a similar user experience.

As for price, Whitmore argues Apple is taking advantage of buying FLASH for iPhones and iPods. Because it’s buying so much, it can afford to offer a low price. (Same holds true of touch screens):

“… Because Apple is leveraging its iPod and iPhone buying buyer in the tablet market, the traditional PC vendors will not have the same buying power and scale advantages enjoyed in the traditional notebook market. … Apple is the world’s largest buyer of FLASH by a wide margin. We estimate Apple buys about 20-25% of the world’s FLASH due to its large iPhone and iPod FLASH needs. … Finally, due to its early investment in capacitive touch technology and lead in selling touch devices, it’s difficult to believe any vendor buys more square footage of capacitive touch technology than Apple.”

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