Bears player who suffered gruesome injury reportedly had emergency surgery to 'save his leg'

  • Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller suffered a gruesome leg injury on Sunday after landing awkwardly after a deep catch.
  • According to a report, Miller underwent emergency surgery to repair a damaged artery.
  • Doctors are trying to “save” Miller’s leg and the injury could be beyond career-threatening.

Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller underwent emergency surgery in an effort to “save his leg” after a gruesome injury, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Miller landed awkwardly on his leg on a deep catch on Sunday, dislocating his knee and damaging an artery, according to Mortensen.

The surgery reportedly including grafting tissue from Miller’s other leg to repair the artery. Mortensen reported that the dislocation is considered more serious than a normal dislocation.

It’s unclear the extent of the damage in Miller’s leg, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter echoed Mortensen that surgeons are trying “save” Miller’s leg, not just his career. Mortensen appeared on ESPN Radio Monday morning and reiterated that the surgery was not about saving his career, but instead doctors were trying to “save his leg.”

Miller had to be carted off the field after the play. Miller, 33, is in his sixth NFL season and has 15 career touchdowns.

Here’s the play where the injury occurred (Warning: Graphic content):


Here’s the Zach Miller TD/Non TD awful call and gruesome leg injury to boot. #Bears @WGNNews
— Josh Frydman (@Josh_Frydman) October 29, 2017

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