Why beard oil is the most important product every guy with facial hair should use

To keep beards healthy and dandruff-free, beard oil is essential. Shutterstock

Maintaining your beard growth is no easy task. It takes work to keep it looking good and healthy. You already know that it requires some trimming.

Now comes the next step: beard oil.

Never heard of it? Fear not — it is quite simple to use and inexpensive to procure.

But first, let’s go over why you need it.

Just like the hair on your head needs moisturizer in the form of a conditioner, so does the hair on your face.

Beard oil, however, moisturizes not only the beard hair, but the hard-to-reach skin underneath. This will prevent the dreaded itchy beard dandruff, Dove Men hair expert Jason Schneidman told the Huffington Post, which is caused when beard hairs wick away moisture from the skin.

Beard oil doubles as a styling agent. Just as you would put styling cream in your hair, it leaves your beard softer to the touch and easily manageable. It will also add body to your beard, helping cover up any bald spots you might have, and make it smell nice — as if you were wearing a natural cologne.

Beard oil
Prospector Co. ($28), Beardbrand ($15), and Artnaturals ($13). Barneys, Amazon, Beard Brand

Convinced? Great. To put it on, remember that a little goes a long way, and a small amount will work well. Smooth it into your beard after you take a shower or wash your face, making sure to get an even coat. Start down at the skin, working your way up through the hair. This should be done daily. A comb can work well for longer beards.

As for which one you should buy, they all do essentially the same thing with different scents and using slightly different combinations of oils. Some of the most trusted brands include Beardbrand ($15), Artnaturals ($13), and Prospector Co. ($28)

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