Beard bouquets are here to give facial hair some love for Valentine's Day

FireboxBeard Bouquets are the latest unique Valentine’s Day trend.

2019 is shaping up to be the year of unique bouquets. We’ve already seen bouquets made out of everything from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to flower-shaped pieces of beef jerky, and now beard bouquets are poised to take over this Valentine’s Day.

Gift company Firebox, which specialises in what it calls “unusual gifts with a twist,” is selling a set of clip-in roses that turn a beard into a fully wearable bouquet.

FireboxBeard Bouquets are here just in time for Valentine’s Day.

A $US14.99 Beard Bouquet box comes with nine clip-ins, creating a look that, according to the brand, “lasts longer and gets more attention than boring real flowers.” The brand also claims that the clips won’t tug or pull on beard hairs, so they’re comfortable enough to wear all day.

FireboxA box comes with nine clip-in roses.

Flower beards may be new to Firebox, but they’re not necessarily new to the internet. Best-friend duo Jonathan Dahl and Brian Delaurenti have taken over social media lately with their Instagram account “The Gay Beards,” which showcases the duo’s creative beard decorations. They have decorated with everything from colourful flowers to sprawling peacock feathers.

The duo gave their beards a similar holiday makeover in December when they helped popularise the Christmas tree beard trend.

Find out more about Beard Bouquet on Firebox, and see more from “The Gay Beards” on Instagram.

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