If You Didn't Get Your East Hampton Beach Pass Already, It's Too Late Now

hamptons beachIf you didn’t get a pass, you’ll be missing out on this.

Photo: Cully/EEFAS

If you want to lounge on one of East Hampton Village’s sandy stretches this summer, we hope you’ve got a buddy with beachfront property.Passes for the exclusive beach, which went on sale February 1, have already sold out, according to Lori Spechler at NetNet. And it’s the earliest the passes (2,900 are sold each year, at $325 a pop) have ever disappeared.

Is the early sellout a sign that the boom times are coming back? Some says it is.

Writes Spechler:

For the past seven years, the permits have gone on sale February 1; and this year, sold out about 10 days earlier than usual or, about a month earlier than the worst of the recession. There is “no question that things are a heck of a lot better than they were three years ago, ” says [Larry Cantwell, East Hampton Village Administrator].

Of course, just because you have access to the beach doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be safe there. According to Curbed Hamptons, Georgica Beach, one of East Hampton Villages’s five beaches, may not have lifeguard protection this year due to severe erosion that started with tropical storm Irene.

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