'The Beach Bum' director wants to do a spin-off movie about Martin Lawrence's character: a terrible dolphin guide with a cocaine-addicted parrot

Neon/ViceMartin Lawrence as Captain Wack in ‘The Beach Bum.’
  • “The Beach Bum” director Harmony Korine wants to do a spin-off movie about the character Martin Lawrence plays, “Captain Wack.”
  • Captain Wack is a dolphin enthusiast and has a cocaine-addicted parrot.
  • “Martin Lawrence being the world’s worst dolphin tour guide,” Korine told Business Insider or what his idea is. “I feel like it really would be great to do a whole Captain Wack movie.”

Are we on the verge of a Harmony Korine Cinematic Universe?

The director of “The Beach Bum” (opening in theatres Friday) says he’s not ready to move on from the characters he created for his latest movie, specifically the one played by Martin Lawrence.

“The Beach Bum” is a Cheech & Chong-inspired romp through the Florida Keys that chronicles the antics of burnout poet Moondog (played by Matthew McConaughey). In one of the best sequences in the movie, Moondog catches up with Captain Wack (played by Martin Lawrence), who – when he’s not fishing for squid and driving around in a car that looks like it’s made out of coconuts and bamboo – captains a raggedy boat and takes tourists out to see dolphins.

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Though the captain’s love for dolphins is unquestionable, his knowledge of what’s in the sea is very much debatable. And we learn that firsthand when Wack and Moondog take out a family to see dolphins during “orgy season,” as the cap puts it.

Lawrence completely steals the movie – especially when he brings Moondog back to his home and introduces him to his cocaine-addicted parrot.

Korine said getting Lawrence in the movie was a big deal for him.

Martin Lawrence Harmony Korine Matt Winkelmeyer GettyMatt Winkelmeyer/Getty(L-R) Martin Lawrence and ‘The Beach Bum’ writer-director Harmony Korine.

“He’s one of my favourite comedians ever and I’ve always loved him,” Korine told Business Insider. “I hadn’t seen him in anything in a while and it was just a dream, if I could have anyone play this character it would be Martin Lawrence. I didn’t even know how to get to him. But eventually he read the script and I hopped on a call with him. We talked about the parrot for a while and he was down to do it.”

The character worked so well, Korine now wants to do a standalone Captain Wack movie.

“I’ve been playing around with that idea: Martin Lawrence being the world’s worst dolphin tour guide,” Korine said. “He was just unbelievable. I feel like it really would be great to do a whole Captain Wack movie. I mean, he has Vietnam flashbacks but he was never in Vietnam. Cocaine-addicted parrot.”

It sounds like all the makings of another memorable Harmony Korine movie.

In the meantime, watch Lawrence as Captain Wack in this NSFW trailer:

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