Now We Can All Be Strangled By This Replica Of Nigella Lawson's Ex, Charles Saatchi

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Charles Saatchi is known for co-founding ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, collecting contemporary art, and more recently, choking his now ex-wife, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, in a London restaurant.

But now the adman/art collector has been turned into a work of art, the title of which is taken from the exact words Saatchi used to describe the incident:¬†“Playful Tiff.”

An anonymous British artist made a life-size sculpture of a red, devil-horned Charles Saatchi whose right hand is outstretched in quintessential strangle form. Viewers of the piece, which is on display in London’s Jealous Gallery, are encouraged to pose getting strangled by the statue.

For legal protection, a sign has been placed near the sculpture that reads: “Please note this is NOT Charles Saatchi. Please feel free to take of picture of yourself being strangled by NOT ¬†Charles Saatchi on your mobile phone.”

If only there were a hashtag.

charles saatchi strangle statue
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