Be More Attractive To Recruiters In 2011

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We’ve dug ourselves out of last week’s “Snowmageddon” here at TheLadders’ Manhattan headquarters…with the streets cleared and another year behind us, we are ready for a great 2011!

And I’ve got great news for you. Starting this January, when you upgrade to Premium with TheLadders, you’ll be assigned your own Job Search Advisor. Their goal? To help you make yourself more attractive to $100K+ employers.

You see, when you’re approved to join, that already means you’re in the top 10% of professionals in the United States. And many of you have unique backgrounds that require a customised and effective job search to take full advantage of the skills and experiences that you offer to employers.

And as we’ve mentioned in our best-selling book “You’re Better Than Your Job Search”, you may know all about your profession, your industry, and your job, but the typical professional in the United States doesn’t have much experience in the 21st century job hunt.

That’s why we’re putting people back into the job search, and that’s where your Job Search Advisor comes in…

Your welcome call. Your Job Search Advisor will give you a call when it’s most convenient for you, confirm the type of position you’re looking for, and give you a walk-through of the site to set up your account!

Setting up saved searches. It takes a bit of expertise to get your saved searches to produce exactly the types of positions you’re looking for. Even if you’re a technical whiz who regularly writes your own Boolean search strings with multiple dependent logical operators, the specific word choices that make the most sense for your job search are dependent on the types of words that recruiters and HR managers use to describe their positions. Your Job Search Advisor will help get you the best fit for your type of position.

Follow recruiter. Do you wish you could find out immediately when recruiters that you are interested in have new jobs? Well, “Follow Recruiter,” our social-media feature here at TheLadders, lets you do just that. Your Job Search Advisor will help get you started with getting instant updates from recruiters that have jobs for professionals like you.

Educate yourself. We’ve written over one thousand articles on the $100K+ job search in just the past two years. Your Job Search Advisor will help you find the articles in our Career Advice section that you need in order to educate yourself on your specific job search.

Available to you. After your initial call, your Job Search Advisor remains with you for the rest of your stay with TheLadders. If you have any questions about the site, how to use the product, or where to get the best information for your specific job search, please feel free to reach out to your Job Search Advisor — their picture, phone number and email are right on your homepage.

All of our Job Search Advisors are located right here at our New York City offices — that makes it easiest for us to share best practices, and diagnose the best fixes for your job search. We’re putting people back into the job search because the process has gotten to be a black hole.

OK, Readers, here’s looking forward to a wonderful year for you!

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