Facebook Scammers Are Moving In On The MH17 Tragedy

Beware fakes and scams on Facebook. Source: supplied

When you’re a scammer, there’s no respect for the dead, so online fraudsters have been quick to try and capitalise on the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, setting up fake Facebook pages dedicated to some Australian victims.

They’re also using a well-worn, ghoulish trick – offering disaster footage, a technique used for tragedies such as the Boston bombing and MH370 disappearance.

Experts from Stay Smart Online, the Australian cyber-safety program, said pages such as the one pictured above, have links that take you instead to web pages that bombard you with pop-up advertising, which generates revenue for the scammers.

The links may also contain malware. Stay Smart Online says you should avoid clicking these links and also avoid clicking on Like or Share, which only perpetuates the scams.

Regrettably, it seems some victims’ families have removed their legitimate Facebook pages to avoid confusion. Meanwhile, Facebook is also monitoring for fakes and should be notified if you spot something you think is a scam.

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