BE A BETTER DIRECTOR: How company leaders can drive growth

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Growth can be a tricky business. As a company gets bigger, there may be a pleasing rise in revenue but along with the good comes a new set of pressures: the demands on time, increased numbers of meetings, the need to manage people, and through it all, finding time to somehow keep driving ideas.

There’s a whole set of new challenges after startup has been dragged into a business big enough to have things like human resources department.

But getting that growth is essential.

Stanford professors Robert Sutton and Huggy Rao spent seven years talking to business leaders who created rapid growth, such as Salesforce which has grown to 16,000 employees in just 16 years.

Sutton says: “There’s this notion of growth and progress in America, that everything gets better as it gets bigger. But it’s a messy process. There will be things that annoy you. And the more you want to scale, probably, the more you have to suffer personally, which is not something I think leaders want to hear.”

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