BE A BETTER DIRECTOR: Australian directors share the biggest lessons they’ve learned about running a business

Inspiring Rare Birds founder Jo Burston. Photo: Supplied
AICD‘Be a Better Director’ is brought to you by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, an internationally-recognised organisation dedicated to directors. With over 35,000 members, AICD’s activities include education, development programs, publications on directors’ and governance issues, and promoting matters of interest to directors. Members range from directors of ASX-listed companies to not-for-profit organisations, family and private companies and entrepreneurial ventures.

The tricky process of getting teams to work together, with everyone’s eye on common goals, is one of the keys to running a successful business.

Just as making dinner with a friend is easier when you both know that day’s menu, a business runs better if everyone knows exactly what they are trying to achieve.

It sounds simple but unity of purpose isn’t universal among employees of all companies. And it comes from having alignment across structure, strategy, governance, managers and staff.

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