BCA Boss Thinks Kevin Rudd's Pro-Business Ideas Are Just Quick Fixes

Getty / Cole Bennetts

Tony Shepherd met with representatives from the ACTU and Kevin Rudd yesterday, afterwards saying the Prime Minister needed to do more for Australia’s business community.

According to the Australian Financial Review, he said it wasn’t just unions and business that should be consulted about changing regulations, as well as this:

“Some of the measures talked about today, such as fast tracking the move to emissions trading or tinkering at the edges of the Fair Work Act, are either too short term, ad hoc, miss the point or risk making things worse for the business environment, not better.

“Australia has come a long way from the 1980s and there are many more stakeholders involved in the productivity and competitiveness picture than just unions, who don’t have the influence or the coverage of the workforce that they once had.”

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