RIM Just Revealed Its Latest Hope For Saving The Company: BBX


Photo: BlackBerry Empire

BlackBerry just announced its BBX platform at its DevCon Conference today.BBX is BlackBerry’s newest operating system for its mobile devices. It’s the company’s attempt to unify the PlayBook and the BlackBerry handset, offering BlackBerry cloud services and support for PlayBook apps.

RIM has a less-than-impressive track record when it comes to producing software and the company is especially hurting in light of the rampant service outages last week. It needs a homerun to get back in the race.

Co-CEO Jim Balsillie heaps superlatives on it, telling the Financial Post that “we’ve leapfrogged everyone with what we’re announcing.”

We’ve heard that sort of talk from him before. Let’s see if he’s right this time.

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