BBC Under Fire Over Sex-Ed Videos For 9 Year Olds

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A British MP has blasted the BBC for making sexual education videos intended to be for children as young as nine-years-old, reports the Daily Mail. The BBC has produced an educational CD-ROM aimed at teaching children aged between nine and 11-years-old about sex, puberty and relationships. However, it contains an animated cartoon of two adults having sex something that has worried Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom, who told The Sun

“Many of us will get a letter from the school saying, ‘Your child will be shown a BBC sex education DVD’ and we think, ‘It must be all right — it’s the Beeb’. But this material is explicit. It is shattering the innocence of childhood.”

The educational material also includes images of male and female genitalia, something that Leadsom also raised concern with. The UK’s education minister had said he will look into the BBC’s videos to assess their suitability. However, the BBC has defended its material saying it looked to experts to help carefully compile the educational CD-ROMs. 

Leadstom has reportedly called for sex education material to come with cinema-style age-ratings to help guide teachers.