Temper-Losing BBC Political Editor Stomps All Over Anti-War Protester's Sign, Convictions

Last night, across the pond, some anti-war protesters interrupted BBC political editor Nick Robinson’s 6 p.m. broadcast by hoisting into camera-shot a doubled-sided placard displaying the slogans “Bring Our Troops Home Now” and “Cut the War, Not the Poor.”

Robinson smirked, wiped his nose with a hanky, turned around, grabbed the sign, and proceeded to stomp all over it.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, mate!” an unaffiliated cameraman who appeared to be involved with the protesters yelled in the midst of Robinson’s outburst. “All of those troops dying for what?”

“I’m not remotely ashamed of myself,” Robinson replied.

Robinson later conceded on his blog that, “I lost my temper, and I regret that,”  but, “There are many opportunities to debate whether the troops should be out of Afghanistan without the need to stick a sign on a long pole and wave it in front of a camera.”

The incident reminded us of another BBC freakout — reporter John Sweeney’s infamous Scientology meltdown from 2007, although that one was more bananas by far

Watch both clips below.

[h/t The Guardian]

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