A BBC Anchor Tried To Explain Baseball During A Prince Harry Segment — And It Was Amazing

prince harry baseball

Prince Harry was in New York City yesterday when he played some baseball at a charity event. 

On the BBC News, an anchor narrated video of Prince Harry taking swings against Yankees player Mark Teixeira, and it was fantastic.

It’s a healthy reminder that most of the world doesn’t have any idea what baseball is.

Here were the highlights from the BBC anchor’s wonderful and incredibly accurate riff on the game:

  • “If you’re not familiar with baseball, let me give you a quick primer: it’s bit like cricket for Americans. There’s no stubs.”
  • [watching Prince Harry bat] “And there you go, someone lobs a ball, normally a somewhat quicker than that. And you have to try and swing and run around what they call a ‘diamond.'”
  • On Mark Teixeira: “I think that man might even be coaching him, which seems a bit harsh when a British person who’s never even hit a baseball ball before does quite well.”
  • “This is a lot harder than it looks.”
  • “Making contact is not to be sneered at.”
  • He calls it a “baseball ball”
  • He says the word “pitcher” like it’s from a completely exotic language

We imagine that Brian Williams narrating Sasha Obama playing cricket would be just as hilarious to the rest of the world.

The video (via Big Lead Sports):