The Liberal Party is making a push into digital, with Tony Abbott leading the charge

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is leading a new Liberal Party social media campaign called Battlelines.

The Australian reports that the digital movement will engage the party’s centre-right support base ahead of the May election, and counter efforts of the Opposition and activist groups such as GetUp.

“The Battlelines have been drawn,” Abbott said in a post linking to the new website on Facebook.

“I need your help to stand and fight for the future of our great country to protect everything that we hold dear.”

With 420,000 followers on Facebook, Abbott is believed to have the most social media followers of any Australian politician.

It’s these followers that the party hopes to leverage as part of its plan to modernise the way it interacts with voters.

“Since the 2007 election loss there has been a lot of talk of the need to develop a counter force to GetUp. Until now, it’s been a lot of talk and no action. I think the ­centre right has been too polite and too passive in this space,” Abbott told The Australian.

Battlelines was the title of Abbott’s 2010 book in which he outlined his political philosophy.

Last year, Getup led the “Time to Ditch Dutton” campaign which aimed to remove Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton from his seat of Dickson, and more recently turned its focus to an anti-Tony Abbott movement.

Business Insider has contacted Battlelines for comment.

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