Another huge game series is about to get its own 'Fortnite'-style Battle Royale mode

EAEA describes the new mode in ‘Battlefield 5’ as ‘a 64-player fight for survival across air, land and sea.’
  • The next major blockbuster game franchise to get a “Fortnite”-style Battle Royale mode is “Battlefield.”
  • The new mode, named “Firestorm,” debuts on March 25.
  • It’s a free addition to all versions of “Battlefield 5,” across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Are you ready for yet another Battle Royale mode? Thanks to the explosive popularity of games like “Fortnite” and “Apex Legends,” it’s unlikely to stop anytime soon.

The latest example is “Battlefield 5,” a first-person shooter from EA’s Swedish DICE studio. On March 25, “Battlefield 5” gets the new “Firestorm” mode.

EA describes the new mode as “a 64-player fight for survival across air, land and sea.”

Battlefield 5 (Firestorm, Battle Royale mode)EAThese buildings are ready to be destroyed.

To be a bit more clear, Firestorm is the “Battlefield 5” version of Battle Royale.

Played either with squads or alone, it’s you against 63 other players who are all scrambling for their own survival as the play area shrinks across the course of a match.

The big difference in Firestorm is all the “Battlefield” flavour: a variety of different vehicles, destructible buildings, and an impressively detailed map. Just look at those pines!

EA has yet to show off gameplay of the new mode, but the latest trailer offers a cross-section of what to expect from Firestorm when it arrives on March 25:

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