Al-Jazeera's Incredible Photos From "The Battle Of Tahrir Square"


Photo: Al-Jazeera

Al-Jazeera has published a riveting series of pictures from yesterday’s incredible clashes between pro and anti-Mubarak forces. They’re distributed under a Creative Commons licence to get the images out to the public, amidst a government eager to crackdown on media.We’ve plucked out several of the best ones.

WARNING: Several feature injured or captured protesters, and may not be suitable for the squeamish.

An injured and captured pro-Mubarak supporter

Protesters erect a makeshift catapult

Pro-Mubarak supporters perched on a balcony

A captured Mubarak supporter

An anti-Mubarak protester behind a barricade

A maimed Mubarak supporter

Another captured Mubarak supporter.

A turned over car

An unconscious Mubarak supporter

The rock-laden no-man's land

A beatn pro-Mubarak supporter

Another captured Mubarak supporter

A pro-Mubarak supporter is being dragged away in this crowd

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