Here's Who Would Win In An Epic Battle Between An Apache Helicopter And A Dragon

For anyone disappointed by the lack of military-grade helicopters in the recent “Hobbit” movies, a YouTube video has come to the rescue.

In a thoroughly entertaining although highly perplexing video called “Apache Vs. Dragon: Who Would Win?” the Smithsonian Channel attempts to answer the apparently age-old question of whether the US Army’s AH-64 Apache helicopter would be able to defeat a standard fire-breathing dragon.

The video is a short excerpt taken from the Smithsonian Channel’s Air Warriors show. Aside from dealing with the hypotheticals of fighting the legendary crypotozoological beast, the show follows the development and operations of the three “kings of the sky: the F-15 Eagle, the V-22 Osprey, and the AH-64 Apache.”

The video begins with a listing of the Dragon’s specifications, including its top speed and the heat of its fire breath, “according to lore.”

The Smithsonian then goes on to list the AH-64 Apache’s specifications, focusing on its multiple armaments.

Smithsonian Dragon


In the first round of battle between the Apache and the dragon — which takes place over Seattle — the pilot uses laser guided armour piercing Hellfire missiles. The pilot can aim the missile by merely looking at her target.

However, the missile fails to lock on as the dragon belongs to a class of targets that reflects little or no laser energy, meaning that a missile lock cannot occur.

The dragon proceeds to roast the AH-64 helicopter, taking the opening round.

In a second battle, the helicopter uses the M230 chain gun. The gun fires 625 rounds a minute. But the rounds bounce off of the dragon’s impenetrable scales.

Lastly, the pilot fires 16 Hellfire missiles in 30 seconds. Each has a 20-pound warhead. The barrage succeeds in downing the beast. Seattle is saved.

You can watch the entire amazing video below.

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