Our closest look yet at Batman's new suit could reveal something intense about the next movie

Seriously, we just saw this thing in person and it’s INTENSE.

The folks behind the upcoming and much-hyped “Batman v. Superman” showed off mannequins of the characters and their costumes at New York Comic Con this year.

As I started walking towards the exhibit on a far end of the conference hall, I didn’t expect to be surprised by much. We’ve seen the trailers after all and we know what these characters will look like.

We’ve even seen the intense, armoured bat suit that Batman is going to wear for his battles with Superman. But when I saw it up close and personal at Comic Con, I was blown away at the lengths designers have gone here to make this armour as tank-like as possible.

And the moment I saw it I said two things to myself that could be revealing about the movie. First, those battles between the two of them may be much, much more violent than we’ve seen in big superhero movie like this before. And second, The filmmakers must have really thought it was going to be a difficult sell to have Batman, a human being, go toe to toe with Superman, a mega powerful alien with crazy superpowers.

Enter: the most heavy-duty, war-like bat suit ever created. But Batman in this hulk of a thing, and you won’t have much doubt he could go up against anyone.

Take a look:

Here's the suit in all its glory, pretty intimidating no?

Tech Insider/Matt Johnston

Take a closer look at the hand armour here ... that's right hand armour. This thing isn't messing around. It honestly looked like 2+ inches of metal around each and every body part.

Tech Insider/Matt Johnston

That goes for the feet as well. Can you imagine trying to get around in these hunks of metal?

Tech Insider/Matt Johnston

Ah and the eyes, THE EYES! So intimidating. The entire head is a gigantic full-on helmet. Totally prepared for battle against an all-powerful alien.

Tech Insider/Matt Johnston

It's so intense that he almost looks like a robot. Leading me to the unmistakable conclusion that the creators of the film really felt that in order to make a battle between these two believable -- this Batman had to be different.

Tech Insider/Matt Johnston

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