Here’s the scene from the ‘Batman V Superman’ trailer you won’t see online or in theatres

Monday night, Warner Bros. hosted a trailer event for “Batman V Superman” at Imax theatres

The trailer was previously released Friday evening after the trailer leaked online last week.

While the trailers are virtually the same, those in attendance were treated to an ever-so-slightly extended trailer featuring a few short seconds of footage after the trailer ended. 

The footage won’t be online or in theatres.

What happens in the brief scene? 

It makes more sense if you re-watch the trailer. 


All caught up?

So, here’s where the “Batman V Superman” teaser trailer ends. Superman pops down from the sky to face Batman. The Caped Crusader has just told him he’s going to make him bleed.

Batman superman trailer

Audiences next saw Henry Cavill’s face on screen. He started to rise up and charge toward the camera. The scene then cut to Ben Affleck’s Batman in full Batgear charging toward the camera from a far off distance. The next shot showed both of them running toward each other, Superman from the left and Batman from the right. The scene cut to black as they were about to hit.

Great stuff.

You can read about what else happened at the event here.

“Batman V Superman” is scheduled for release March 25, 2016.