‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Will Reportedly Play Aquaman In The ‘Batman V Superman’ Movie

Aquaman will join the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel in the ‘Batman V Superman’ movie. DC Comics

Add another “Justice League” character to the “Batman V Superman” movie.

Hitfix is reporting Aquaman will indeed appear in the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel.

No, he won’t be played by Matt Damon.

Though he has denied it in the past, former “Game of Thrones” actor Jason Momoa will reportedly play the King of the Seven Seas.

Momoa played Khal Drogo on the HBO series.

Jason mamoa game of thrones

Along with Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) are also set to join the film.

Cyborg and Wonder Woman’s roles are rumoured to be minor to lay the foundations for the upcoming “Justice League” movie reportedly set for 2017.

Similarly, Hitfix says Aquaman’s role will be brief and limited.

“What we’re hearing is that he [Aquaman] is not pleased about the World Engine and what it did to the Indian Ocean.”

This makes a lot of sense.

One thing that didn’t sit well with a lot of “Man of Steel” viewers was all of the raw, unnecessary destruction Superman caused.

Not only did he tear apart Metropolis, endangering the lives of many citizens, eagle-eyed viewers know he did damage to LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises properties. He also saved people from an exploding oil rig, whose CEO has ties to Aquaman.

Lex Luthor, Batman, and Aquaman may all have a few bones of their own to pick with him.

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is set for a May 6, 2016 release.