San Francisco Turns Into Gotham To Make A 5-Year Old's Dream Come True

This is awesome.

Last week, we wrote about the Make-A-Wish foundation giving five-year-old Miles, who is battling Leukemia, the chance to fight crime as his favourite superhero. Today, November 15, San Francisco was transformed into Batman’s hometown of Gotham where Miles has been taking down some of the Bat’s biggest foes as Batkid along with a grownup Dark Knight.

While ABC has been streaming live video HERE, the Bay area Make-A-Wish has been tweeting photos of Mile’s day.

We’ll be adding photos of his day below. Check him out in action.

Here’s the sweet car he drove in with the classic Bat symbol.

Look at him go around town!

There’s Miles!

Someone in trouble?

No need to fear, Batkid is here:

He’ll save you.

A big crowd came to cheer him on. No time for pictures, though.

More crime ahead from The Riddler.

Obviously, no match for Batkid.

Everyone loves Batkid.

Looks like he’s on his lunch break now. More photos to come!

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