Bath Product Companies Are Coming Under Fire Because Of Drug Related To Cannibal Attacks

Bath SaltsBath Salts

Photo: DEA

Bath & Body Works isn’t going to like this.The completely innocent bath salts industry – the one that manufactures the relaxing bath time product – is suffering after a spate of cannibal attacks has drawn attention to a drug with the same name as its product.

At least two men in Miami allegedly responsible for cannibalistic attacks potentially used the drug known as bath salts.

San Francisco Bath Salt Company and SaltWorks report people have called the respective companies, trying to score the drug, according to MediaBistro.

Things have gotten so bad, the San Francisco Bath Salt Company has had to change the name of one of its products, because its name is so similar to one variation of the drug.

“Even our customers see stories saying ‘they’re outlawing bath salts’ and people are calling and asking ‘can they really do that??’ And I have to say, ‘No, of course not,'” SaltWorks President Naomi Novotny told HLN.

“This story happens to have hit a nerve that has caused a ton of confusion in the marketplace,” he added.

The new designer drug is suspected in at least two headline-grabbing cannibal attacks in the Sunshine State.

Police believe Rudy Eugene was under the influence of bath salts when he ate homeless man Ronald Poppo’s face. And an autopsy found a large number of unidentified pills in Eugene’s stomach.

The authorities also suspect Brandon De Leon was under the influence of bath salts when he threatened to eat police after he was arrested earlier this month for fighting outside a Miami-area Boston Market.

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