Baseball Star Giancarlo Stanton Shows Pic Of What That 141km/h Fastball Did To His Face

The moment after Giancarlo Stanton was hit by a 141km/h fastball. Picture: Getty Images

US baseball star slugger Giancarlo Stanton is up and about after getting hit in the face with a 141km/h fastball last week.

And if you ever wanted to know what kind of damage that can do, he’s sharing the pictures to prove it.

First of all, here’s the pitch that put Stanton in hospital. It was thrown by Milwaukee Brewers’ Mike Fiers, who later said he felt “very, very sad” that he hit Stanton. Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy backed Friers, saying he was trying to get a fastball up to major league RBI leader Stanton, who’s a top chance for the national league’s MVP award.

He got it up all right:

Stanton’s face suffered multiple fractions. Here’s the gruesome before and after he just shared on Instagram:

He won’t play again for the Marlins again this season, according to USA Today. In fact, he might never play for the Marlins again.

At, 24, he was leading the NL with 37 homers when he was struck by the Fiers fastball, and there are reports the Marlins are struggling to keep other teams at bay for his services.

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