Baruch College Freshman Dies After Bizarre Fraternity Pledging Ritual

A Baruch College freshman died Monday after being hospitalized for “major brain trauma” likely sustained while spending weekend in the Poconos with a campus fraternity.

Authorities say that 19-year-old Chun Hsien Deng was one of four pledge members taken to the Poconos by Baruch’s Pi Delta Psi chapter — an Asian American cultural fraternity. According to The New York Times, Deng’s fatal injury is believed to be connected to a ritual game all of the pledges participated in.

“The game is called the Glass Ceiling, and it is played outside. It involves blindfolding a person and placing a heavy item on his back. He has to navigate to someone who is calling for him, and as he makes his way, others try to tackle him,” The Times reports.

In a statement, the president of Baruch said that the school “had no knowledge of this event or that the fraternity was rushing a pledge class” and that “Pi Delta Psi did not request permission nor were they approved by Baruch on this matter.”

Baruch has suspended the fraternity and is conducting an internal investigation, according to The Times.

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