Bartz: You Better Believe I Would Have Taken Microsoft's $33

If Carol Bartz were Yahoo’s CEO when Microsoft was offering $33-$34 per share for the company last year, would she have taken the deal that Jerry Yang shot down?

“Well, sure. You think I’m stupid? I mean, let me see… $15, $34, yeah, I think so,” she said on CNBC this morning.

So now that that’s off the table… what’s next for Yahoo?

Bartz talked up the idea of helping people organise their online life via Yahoo’s new homepage. She said only 15% of people ever signed up for “My Yahoo” because it was too hard to set up. The new homepage, she thinks, is easier to set up — “we want to give people that didn’t want to work too hard that real, personal experience.”

She also took a small whack at Google, which redesigned its homepage today to… make the search bar bigger.

“I don’t wake up in the morning and say ‘Gosh, what am I going to search?’ That’s not what I do. I wake up and say, ‘What’s happening?’ And that’s really what Yahoo is. We really want to be the centre of peoples’ online lives.”

Here’s Bartz’s whole interview:

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