Barton Biggs Is ‘Terrified’ By His Own Stock Positions

barton biggs

With Greek debt talks still at an impasse, and the European debt crisis far from resolved, Barton Biggs, money manger of billion dollar hedge fund Traxis Partners, is still worried about the lack of real progress in Europe.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Biggs pointed out that while European officials are making all the right noises they are not willing to accept austerity.

Biggs said he is bullish about stocks as long as the “world holds together”, but, he is concerned about the impact that the lack of progress in Europe, will have on all stock markets:

“I’m running a moderate net long of 65%. I’m terrified. I’m terrified I’m not long enough if were going to have a strong rally here which we could. And I’m terrified I’m too long if the apocalypse is coming in Europe.”

Watch the entire interview at Bloomberg TV: