Former Jets linebacker named as part of trio set to replace sports radio legend Mike Francesa

Bart ScottCraig Barritt/Getty Images for Land RoverBart Scott will join two others in replacing Mike Francesa.
  • Mike Francesa’s 30-year run at WFAN is set to end in mid-December.
  • Former NFL star Bart Scott is part of a trio that will replace Francesa.
  • Francesa recently said he would not rule out a possible reunion with Chris Russo.

Mike Francesa’s 30-year run at WFAN in New York City is nearing its end and it appears that former NFL star linebacker Bart Scott will be part of a three-person team set to replace the sports radio legend.

According to the New York Daily News, Francesa will be replaced in mid-December by a trio of talking heads, including Scott, Chris Carlin, and Maggie Grey.

The report ends more than a year of speculation about who would replace “The Sports Pope” on afternoon radio in New York City. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had long been rumoured as a possible replacement, and was an official candidate at one point. WFAN took his name out of consideration two months after Christie’s infamous “Beachgate” scandal, and one month after he was blasted by callers while filling in for Francesa.

Mike Francesa and Christopher RussoAndrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesMike Francesa and Chris Russo have not ruled out a reunion.

Scott was an NFL linebacker for 11 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets. After leaving the NFL, he joined the CBS pre-game show, “The NFL Today,” and more recently worked in sports radio at ESPN 98.7 in New York.

Carlin is a former producer for the previous incarnation of Francesa’s show, “Mike and the Mad Dog.” He is currently doing sports radio in Philadelphia. Grey currently works at Sports Illustrated’s digital side and also does sports radio on CBS Sports Radio, where she was teamed with another former “Mike and the Mad Dog” producer, Marc Malusis.

As for Francesa, long-time fans have long clamored for a reunion with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. In 2016, Francesa ruled out a possible reunion, noting that they each make too much money for one show to be able to afford both hosts. However, more recently Francesa sounded open to the idea, but was still sceptical of the economics. Russo was also open to the idea, but said it would more likely be an occasional show, rather than something that sat in an everyday time slot.

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