BARRY RITHOLTZ: Time To Sell Stocks

barry ritholtz

Photo: Bloomberg TV

Barry Ritholtz, who has made some excellent timing calls in the past, says he’s paring back on stock holdings.I have cut back on some major holdings, and raised our cash levels to 25% in the asset allocation model I manage. I removed half of our energy positions, eliminated our emerging markets exposure. The biggest move was cutting S&P500 exposure by 50%. A handful of clients who had outsized Apple exposure saw those positions reduced by a third. We maintain a heavy bias in long portfolios in health care and in consumer staples. I have no desire to reduce treasuries or munis, which will become a safe harbor if and when things get choppy. (I have NOT added inverse ETFs, but that is something I may consider in the future).

Note that these portfolio moves have nothing to do with the upcoming elections or the fiscal cliff. I agree with what Michael Belkin said at the Big Picture conference: “People should forget the Fiscal Cliff, this market is all about the Earnings cliff.”

He goes onto put a 60% chance of a recession in the next 18 months.

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