Barron’s Summary May 28, 2011

·         Greece – Barron’s recommends a 50% haircut to Greek debt and urges policymakers to take action immediately.  Otherwise the country’s economy will continue to shrink and the consequences will only become more dire.  A 50% haircut now will avoid larger restructurings later.

·         Europe – a Greek debt restructuring would be painful but not catastrophic; Athens will prob. receive a maturity extension first and then a haircut in a couple yrs.  Portugal will prob. require a similar action.  The rest of the peripheral economies will prob. be able to muddle through.  The ECB will have to hit up its members for more capital.

·         TJX – the stock could top $60 in the 12 months as int’l expansion is stepped up and HomeGoods is grown further.

·         ECF Value Fund – interview – positive on Nortek (NTKS), FTK, CPRT, DDE.

·         PSMT – positive comments on the “Costco of the Caribbean” – growth is rising strongly; the co has a small store base w/a lot of opportunities ahead of it.  Margins and growth are faster than its US peers.

·         NTAP – pos. comments; says is an inexpensive play on the cloud (says RAX, CRM are expensive). 

·         4G wireless – investors are focused on stocks involved in 4G wireless, inc. AGO, NETL, and SQNS.

·         AMZN – the co will prob. become a larger force in the publishing industry.

·         YHOO – cautious comments; the stock is fully valued at current levels; talk w/Yahoo Japan on monetization are far from being completed; meanwhile there is added political risk w/Alibaba.


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