Barron’s Summary May 14, 2011

  • ’12 elections – Barron’s looks at all the prospective GOP candidates and concludes that Mitch Daniels may have the best chance against Obama.  However, the article is very sceptical of any Republican winning and says Obama would likely win a second term.
  • JNPR – pos. comments; the stock could have 20% upside to $50; JNPR is growing faster and taking share vs. its big peers, inc. CSCO.
  • BBBB – neg. comments; the stock is very expensive and the co is losing market share; aside from it being taken over (it has acknowledged having received strategic offers), the stock price could have downside to $30.
  • ARUN – cautious comments; the co has a lot of fundamental momentum but is pretty expensive.  The co reports earnings this Thursday.
  • MSFT – investors increasingly frustrated w/Ballmer; the deal announced this week is just the latest example of the co misallocating capital.  Investors would like to see more R&D around the core business and a higher payout ratio.
  • INTC – pos. comments; the Trigate technology will keep INTC ahead of its peers; the battle against Arm may not start until next year.
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