Oh No! Jeremy Lin's Hipster Backup Just Jinxed The Knicks Season

Baron Davis Hipster New York Knicks

Photo: Getty/Ilya S. Savenok

Ugh.To all superstitious New York Knicks fans out there: don’t read what backup point guard Baron Davis told Steve Sarby of the New York Post.

Sarby asked Davis what he thought of the two championship banners from 1970 and 1973 hanging at Madison Square Garden.

“I see a banner … right in the middle between those two,” he says.


“2011-12 New York Knicks.”

Not exactly a guarantee like fellow New York sports figure Rex Ryan makes, but fans now have someone to blame when it all comes crashing down.

How will Davis’ comments destroy the Knicks season?

His comments enter psyche of the whole team → Knicks lose three straight road games versus Boston, Dallas, and San Antonio starting Sunday → Everyone starts to question Carmelo Anthony’s real commitment to the new offence under Jeremy Lin → Team loses confidence and extends losing streak to four games by dropping a dud at Milwaukee → J.R. Smith’s sister begins fighting with fans at MSG → The “fire Mike D’Antoni chatter starts back up as Knicks continue to lose over the next few weeks and fall out of the Eastern conference playoff race → Baron Davis starts to gain weight again and not care about anything, saying the downward spiral is not his fault → Knicks miss out on playoffs and can’t rebuild through the draft because both their picks go to Houston and Phoenix after some incredibly stupid trades from a few years ago

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