The White House's Insanely Adorable Photos Of George W. Bush's Dog Barney

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Photo: White House photo

Barney, the beloved Scottish Terrier of former President George W. Bush, recently passed away earlier this month due to complications from lymphoma. He was 12 years old.The White House made Barney star during his time as the “First Dog” by giving him his own page on the White House website. 

Barney’s photo galleries still live on in the White House archives. The photos, along with the hilarious first-person photo captions, are extremely cute.

We’ve compiled some of the best Barney moments, complete with the captions, here.  

White House Photo by Kristin Adams

The White House photographers wrote this fake message from Barney to Willie the Cat.

'To: [email protected]
Fr: [email protected]
Subject: WhEre aRe uuuuu?

wHy is ur ceLL fone tuRned offff? R u in the oVal office?

I'm hEre at the tEnnis CoUrt.

HuRry uP.

: p'

Dear Barney,

My 2 German Shepherds wanted me to ask you the following:
How do you do all this amazing stuff when you don't have opposable thumbs?
-- Jamie

Dear Jamie,

Thumbs are overrated.


Barney's caption: ''Barney Nose Best' HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.'

*Margaret Spellings was Bush's Secretary of Education from 2005 to 2009. This photo was posted when she was named to the post.

Caption: 'Operating the camera for the first time while diving, Barney executes a perfect 'Triple Lindy' and shares the experience in this exciting action photo.'

Now here's a look at another former White House stalwart.

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