Barney Frank’s EPIC Exit Interview With The Today Show

Retiring Rep. Barney Frank sparred with Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie over the role of the media in an interview this morning, after Guthrie questioned him about whether his exit from Congress indicated he doesn’t believe Democrats will retake the House next year.

Frank called Guthrie’s questions “gotcha questions,” and criticised the media’s tone as a reason for congressional approval being a whopping 9 per cent. Guthrie fired back with a question about Frank’s frequently “acerbic” language as a congressman — drawing Frank to say she was “four-for-four” with negative questions.

“It didn’t used to be that way…It’s gotcha this, it’s gotcha that. It’s gotcha journalism, it’s gotcha politics,” he said.

Frank said he is not at all concerned about his contribution to the negative tone in Washington, laying the blame again on Newt Gingrich for D.C.’s turn toward negativity.

Watch the epic video below:

[via FishbowlDC]