There's A Grassroots Movement To Get Barney Frank Appointed To The Senate

barney frank

Former Congressman Barney Frank served the state of Massachusetts as a Democrat for decades in the House, and now there’s a grassroots movement to get him sent to the Senate — if even for just a little while.

Since It looks like Massachusetts Senator John Kerry will be confirmed as Secretary of State when Hilary Clinton steps down, there’s going to have to be a special election for his seat.

Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick is responsible for appointing a temporary Senator until someone is officially elected, and people are putting pressure on him to choose Frank for that spot.

A semi-retired senior from Norfolk, Massachusetts named John F. Kelley started a petition to get Frank in the seat. Right now it has 4,878 signatures and the goal is 5,000.

“At a time like this, we need someone with the courage, the conviction and the experience to stand up for seniors and working families in Congress—and we can’t think of anyone who would do a better job over the next few months than Barney Frank,” said Kelley.  “Barney Frank has never been afraid of a fight, and if appointed to the Senate to replace John Kerry, he won’t back down in defending working families and seniors like me.”

There’s that, and there’s the op-ed the Boston Globe staff wrote urging Patrick to appoint Frank.

…Frank is an excellent candidate for interim senator. Choosing him would serve two important purposes. First, since he’s emphatically ruled out any future election, his selection would allow the voters to choose a permanent senator without having one of the candidates anointed by the governor. Second, he would be effective immediately as a senator, since he’s about as knowledgeable on federal budget issues as anyone in Congress. That’s crucial because budget cutting will be the prime agenda item for the next four months. And Frank, who’s toiled fruitlessly in the Republican-led House alongside GOP gadfly Ron Paul on a plan to trim the defence budget, would finally get to make his case in the Senate.

For his part, Frank has said that he would accept the position.

Looks like it could very well be a done deal.

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