Barnes & Noble Furious Over Obama-Book Deal With Amazon, Cuts Order

After the publisher of Obama’s Challenge, decided to initially sell the book exclusively through, an irate Barnes & Noble cut its order.

No word on whether the Barnes & Noble employees who donated heavily to Barack Obama’s campaign will now support John McCain

NYT: Barnes & Noble has substantially reduced its 10,000-copy order of “Obama’s Challenge,” by Robert Kuttner, after Chelsea Green, the book’s publisher, announced it would initially be sold exclusively on

Mary Ellen Keating, a spokeswoman for Barnes & Noble, said in a statement on Monday evening that the initial order “was based on the book being available to all booksellers simultaneously — an even playing field — which is common practice in book publishing.”

She declined to say how many copies the retailer ordered.

Katharine Walton, a spokeswoman for Chelsea Green, said Barnes & Noble was angry at being excluded and threatened on Monday afternoon not to stock the book.

Chelsea Green, a small Vermont-based company, decided to sell “Obama’s Challenge,” an admiring portrait of Mr. Obama, through Amazon’s print-on-demand service so that it could be available to attendees of the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week.

The publisher plans to distribute coupons to 15,000 convention-goers for an early discount on

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